Dimeria Hogroth is a Sword Mage of the Red Skull Dark Guild, and a wanted criminal for countless murders.
Dimeria Hogroth

Profile and StatsEdit

Name: Dimeria Hogroth

Alias: Valkyrie

Age: Early 30's

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:


Physical AppearanceEdit

Dimeria is a buxom young woman with a slender figure. Her blonde hair is cropped short, reaching only the base of her nape. It is quite messy, giving it a somewhat spiky appearance. While it is mostly swept back, some bangs hang down her forehead, curving away from the face on either side. Her brown eyes droop at the edges.

Dimeria's casual attire is quite revealing. Her top consists of a simple brown bandeau, with the upper edge embroidered with a flowery, white lace. She also wears loose, pin-striped capri pants, the ends of the legs tightening around her calves. The hems of the legs are decorated with dark piping. Her left forearm is covered by a dark band with a large, wing-like ornament attached to it beneath her elbow. Her right arm is encased in golden armor. While the part covering her upper arm and shoulder is plated, the rest takes the form of a simple gauntlet. Her neck is protected by gorget with a golden border and whose color matches that of her bandeau. A dark jacket with a light border is tied around her waist, allowing it to flare out behind her legs such that it hides her legs from view from behind but leaves them exposed from the front. The jacket has a large collar and lapels. The arms are knotted loosely below her abdomen, the ends hanging down. The light cuffs are quite prominent and each is encircled by a dark, studded band; she completes her outfit with a pair of simple sandals.



Early LifeEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordswoman Specialist:

Immense Magic Power:


Sword Magic:




Background in Other MediaEdit



Battles & EventsEdit


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