Leila McAllister is a Wind Mage of the Red Skull Dark Guild, and a wanted criminal in the Fairy Tail verse. She is also the adoptive daughter of Mikhail Deathwing after the death of her parents that left her alone and tramatized for five years.
Leila McAllister

Profile and StatsEdit



Physical AppearanceEdit

Leila is a young girl of average height with light skin, dark red eyes, and light-brown long hair with elaborately curled bangs framing her cheeks. She typically wears a dark long, hooded cloak that obscures her face, while wearing only a light-colored long sleeve shirt, dark pants, and a pair of dark shoes. She also hungs a stuffed cat doll around her arm, as she carries it wherever she goes.


Leila is a very calm, collected young girl who tends to follow orders and has every intention to carry them out, showing proof of her loyalty to Deathwing.



Enhanced Speed:

Enhanced Durability:

Great Magic Power:


Wind Magic: Leila is a highly skilled user in Wind Magic, allowing her to either create sharp, razor-like gusts of wind, wind-based constructs such as shields and spears, or concentrated air to eviscerate her victims to death. Her level of using this magic is very high, as she is capable of even using her magic with one hand while holding her stuffed cat doll in the other.


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