Lightning Fire Dragon Mode is a Fire Dragon Slayer ability.


Lightning Fire Dragon Mode is an ability that can be gained by a Fire Dragon Slayer after they have met certain conditions. After eating lightning and having the flames and lightning inside their body fuse together, the user gains the ability to use their Fire Dragon Slayer Magic enhanced with lightning. This ability combines the destructive abilities and properties of both elements, both burning and electrocuting the target. It is also shown to have exceptional penetrative power. Using this ability has been described as similar to using Dragon Force. Even though it's momentary, the user is able to call upon it when they are in a state of anger. However, this ability places a heavy strain on an untrained body, to the point that even a single use is capable of completely draining the user of all their energy. If the user boosts up their power, they are able to use this ability more easily with less strain.




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