Romeo Conbolt is the only son of Fairy Tail's Mage, Macao Conbolt, and a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein he is a new member of Team Natsu. He is also the boyfriend/future mate of Wendy Marvell.
Romeo Conbolt

Profile and StatsEdit

Name: Romeo Conbolt

Origin: Fairy Tail


Classification: Human, Mage

Age: 13-14

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:



Fighting Ability:

Physical AppearanceEdit

Romeo is a lean, yet slightly muscular young boy of short stature, possessing prominent abdominal and pectoral muscles and, to a minor degree, biceps. He has straight, yet long dark violet hair with a spiked style to it. His bangs are particularly prominent, covering part of his forehead, with some smaller strands jutting outwards from the top of his head. He has large, blue eyes and a small, mildly round nose. His red guild's stamp is on his left shoulder.

Romeo wears an attire that somewhat resembles Natsu Dragneel's, likely out of admiration for him and sadness for his supposed death. He wears a long, dark red, sleeveless open jacket with lighter-colored edges that reaches to his low-thighs, revealing part of his muscular chest and held closed around his waist by a light sash, tied by a knot on his left hip. His legs are covered by loose, light-colored pants reaching down below his knees, paired with low, dark laced boots. Around his neck is a light-orange scarf adorned by a wavy motif, mirroring the one which Igneel gave Natsu, but being tied on the front in a large knot. His forearms are wrapped in bandages.


Romeo is a cool, serious, mature, and clever young boy with a keen knowledge of human history. Being a Fairy Tail Mage, he is a proud member of the guild who tries to defend its name and honor from anyone who insults it. Also, when he talks about or with his older guildmates or Fairy Knight members, he ends their name in Nii or Nee honorifics, while addressing Wendy as "Wendy-chan". Despite his somber nature, Romeo, is in fact, a very friendly, valiant and caring soul, willing to help others in need like Natsu; he doesn't however, inherit Natsu's recklessness and takes his actions more carefully.

During his childhood, Romeo was a kind and good-hearted boy who loves his father very much. He takes pride in Macao's occupation as a Mage, and makes it his childhood dream to become a Mage himself. He also greatly admires Natsu, viewing him as an older brother figure and mentor. After Natsu disappears together with the Tenrou team on Tenrou Island and is believed to be dead along with everyone else on it, Romeo becomes a sullen, cynical youth who believes his father to be a coward for doing nothing to defend their guild, and doesn't smile throughout the missing Mages' absence until they return seven years later.

He has romantic feelings for Wendy Marvell since childhood, and has shown to grow further following the Tenrou Team's seven year absence/return, which also affected the aging of each member (including Wendy remaining a 12 year-old despite being 20 years chronologically). One month after the Grand Magic Games and the Dragons' invasion, Romeo and Wendy started dating and had a secret relationship, which includes, keeping it a secret from their guildmates, especially the Dragon Slayers (whom Wendy is considered like a little sister) and Carla until they are ready to tell it.


Early LifeEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Since X791, Romeo has revealed some melee skills, eventually developing a fighting style similar to Natsu's. He usually strikes with hands and elbows, at least - the legs. He is able to do some acrobatics, such as somersaults, evading attacks, owing to the reaction, as in the situation with Dan Straight. His blows are usually enhanced by of his Fire Magic, apparently making them stronger.

Enhanced Strength: Despite his small stature, Romeo possesses a high degree of strength that nearly matches that of Natsu's.

Enhanced Speed: In multiple battles, Romeo has shown enough speed to close multi-meter distances between him and his opponent and strike before they have a chance to react.

Enhanced Reflexes: Romeo has been seen dodging and even catching high-speed projectiles when launched at him (for example, bullets), impressing even S-Class Mages the likes of Erza and Laxus for a child to have such precise response time.

Enhanced Durability: Despite his age and small stature, Romeo has been seen taking numerous forces of great impact and still being able to stand up with just minor scratches.

Great Magic Power: As a Mage of Fairy Tail, Romeo boasts a high level of magic energy. Throughout his countless adventures however, has increased his magic power even further, almost making him a potential S-Class Mage Candidate. His magic color is violet.


Rainbow Fire: Romeo can use this type of Fire Magic, which allows him to create different-colored flames for different effects.

  • Purple Fire: Romeo creates a purple flame in his hand that can stick to objects.
  • Blue Fire: A spell in which Romeo creates a blue-colored flame with cold properties.
  • Green Fire: A unique spell in which Romeo creates a green-colored hand for healing properties, as opposed to burning.
  • Orange Fire: Romeo creates some orange-colored fire with grappling abilities. This spell is mainly use to render the target immobile, while also burning them.
  • Yellow Fire: A spell in which Romeo creates a yellow-colored flame hovering on his palm. This flame apparently gives off a strange smell.
  • Red Fire: A spell in which Romeo creates a red-colored flame in each of his palms. When he brings them together in a cup-like motion, the two fires creates a straight, fire-based stream that greatly damages his opponents, as well as causing a wide-range explosion.
  • Rainbow Fire: The user combines the different "colors" of their Rainbow Fire Magic into one, alleged, "deadliest flame". Upon hitting its target, it causes a large-ranged explosion.

Purple Flare: This is a variation of Fire Magic, which allows user to create and manipulate specific purple flames, that cannot be extinguished by wind or water. He usually conjures it through his arms or the palm of his hands, and can also use this magic in various ways, such as attacking, binding or supporting.

  • Purple Net: The user summons forth their Magic Seal or flame orb, which creates purple flare taking the form of ropes, ensnaring groups of people around them. The form of this spell differs depending on the user, as it can be used as a net rather than ropes.
  • Purple Bombardment: The user generates multiple balls of purple fire that stick to the opponents before exploding with tremendous force.



  • Macao Conbolt (Father)




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