Scorpio Sonia, formerly known as Hornet Sonia, is the Gold Saint of the Scorpio constellation in the 21st Century, a position granted to her by her stepmother Medea, and commands the element of Darkness. She is the demigod daughter of Mars and the half-sister of Orion Eden.
Scorpio Sonia

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Age: 18-19


Physical AppearanceEdit

Sonia is a slender, curvaceous woman of below average height with dark skin, green eyes, and light-pink long hair, though her face is always covered by a mask. She uses her Cloth to to cover herself all the time.


Sonia has a strong and combative (based on tactics to eliminate her enemies in short-timed) personality. She is a lethal killer that may seem cold and completely loyal to Mars, but kept her love for his younger brother, Eden, even if they are not children of the same mother. She is presented as a shield to prevent it from staining hands in battle. Sonia believes in the ideals of her father and hopes to help Eden to reach his destiny as King of the New World. At the same time, shows "jealousy" of Aria, viewing it as a weakness for her beloved brother.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Darkness Manipulation:

Immense Cosmo Power:


Crimson Needle: With her Cosmo, Sonia shoots needles made of energy against the opponent. However, it can be shattered by the punches of Lionet Sōma.

Antares Maelstrom: The star 'Antares'--which the name literally means equal to Mars; Sonia raises her cosmo to its greatest extent. Based off the name, it would have been a large explosion. However, she dies before executing it, so the technique itself is not actually seen, even at full power.


Scorpio Cloth Stone:


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